Challenges Indian SME’s Face To Reach The Next Level

SME sector JOB

Indian SME sector is one of our biggest providers of jobs, from workers to middle management levels. The larger companies have funding to install machinery and automation, which the small scale cannot.

The small scale businesses are a mostly one-man show with the entrepreneur running his or her company with some assistants and workers. He has a vision which he follows mostly one product outfit, even the marketing is done by him. The owner runs a low-cost operation, as profits derived from the low cost of operations. There is no respite for him/her, working long hours and 24/7. It is only when he is ill does he get time off.  Often the spouse handles all other personal matters.  And many places the spouse joins hands to run the show.

Not only this, procurement functions are handled by him. Those who understand the dynamics can run a successful enterprise, even grow it. Some move up the value chain from a few employees to several hundred, moving from small scale to medium.

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