MSME Schemes

MSME scheme

An MSME business can grow if it is marketed properly. The Ministry of MSME offers the Marketing Assistance Scheme which helps businesses amp up their promotion and increase their market presence in national and international markets.

Run by: Ministry of MSME
Applicable to: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Industry associations and Organisations Keywords: MSME, Marketing Aid, Government Support, Financial Aid

Do you want your business to grow?
Every businessperson desires to take his business to great heights. But the question of how to grow and perform consistently is what troubles many.

Growing your business requires you to have a niche over your competitors. It could be your product, strategy, services or anything else that helps you to be unique in your own space. Along with this, you need to market your brand in an extensive manner and do promotional activities through which you can inform your prospective customers about your proposition.

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