SME Business Services

Specific advice and strategy development to help SME owners reach their ultimate success

Small-medium business (SME) owners face a different kind of pressure in their businesses. More often than not, the business is generating solid incomes and is profitable, but there can often be something missing for the owner. This might be a lack of passion after working hard to build the business up over a number of years. It might be a desire to move on, or a drive to push for even greater success. In some cases, it could be a nagging feeling that the market is shifting and so there’s a need for the business strategy to shift with it.

Business owners in these situations are having to deal with a wide range of complex issues, not least of which is the consideration and pressure that comes with employing and managing a number of people.

Pinpoint Business offer strategic and planning advice to small-medium (SME) business owners who find themselves in these types of situations. We start by determining what success looks like for you, the owner, and then work with you to create a strategy to deliver that success, followed by actionable plans and ongoing support and advice.

How do we support SME Business Owners?


Pinpoint Business provides a unique one-on-one monthly package, which will see Bob Weir directly supporting you to achieve the outcomes you desire as the owner of a small-medium (SME) business.


SME Success

Success has a different definition for practically every small-medium (SME) business owner. We’ll take the time to understand your business, and your specific desires as an owner, and work closely with you to develop the strategic and action plans to deliver you the outcomes you seek. Bob will work with you directly, or as part of a broader team of advisors to support and guide your transition into a brighter future.

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