SME Business Forum

SME event

SME Business Forum has been providing networking platform for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from Small, Medium, Large Industrial and Allied Business Sectors, Multinational Companies, Government PSUs & Agencies and Start-ups to establish & enhance business contacts, exchange business leads & enquiries, introduce new products and services, promote, market & brand products & services, new business partnership with new investment partners, identify potential suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, service providers, strategic partners, distributors, franchisees, agents, companies and clients, connectivity with purchase and procurement departments of SMEs, large corporates, MNCs, Government PSUs to explore emerging business opportunities and vendor registration for supply and procurement.

Entrepreneurs and Executives of the company are attending various networking platforms at local level or specific chapters or groups and they are restricted to attend meetings at other places or chapters, but SME Business Forum will give an unique opportunity to its members to participate forum meeting at Mumbai and simultaneously to attend meetings at different locations or chapters to explore emerging.

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